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Say goodbye to manual sales outreach
and hello to streamlined automation.

Let Pipeline
Launch your
sales stack.

We'll automatically set you up with everything you need to begin a sales process: CRM, email domains, and outreach software.

Automate your sales stack.

Pipeline finds leads, writes sales copy, and runs your outbound sales sequence across Email and LinkedIn.

Track how your campaigns are performing through our weekly analytics emails and your personalized Pipeline dashboard.

Pipeline 101:
Your Sales
Starter kit.

Lead Gen

Pipeline generates your leads.

We take care of your lead generation process from start to finish. Our specialized team identifies buyer organizations and generates qualified contact lists on a repeated basis.

Let us handle the heavy lifting for you.


Outbound Email Campaigns

We craft tailored sales copy for each lead to ensure every email feels authentic. Our automated outbound email campaigns run weekly, allowing us to keep a consistent and steady flow of communication with your prospects.

We handle all of the follow-up replies and scheduling of meetings for you to demo your product.

One Central Dashboard

Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple sales platforms and monthly payment methods. With Pipeline, you can effortlessly streamline your entire sales process in one place.

Sales Stack Set-up

Automated set-up with everything you need to begin a sales process: CRM, email domains, and outreach software.

Lead Generation

Pipeline specializes in lead generation,
providing high-quality contact lists by
identifying buyer organization.

Outbound Campaigns

Automated, personalized, and authentic
outbound campaigns created and sent
by Pipeline on a weekly basis.

Scheduled Sales Meetings

We manage buyer responses and will
schedule meetings for interested prospects.

Pipeline works with early stage
B2B startups.

Pipeline works with early-stage B2B startups that have at least 2 paying customers but haven't set-up any sales infrastructure yet or hired a sales team.

Our customers are backed by:

Markets we
work with.

B2b SaaS
SMB and Enterprise

Neobanks, Personal Finance Management, Proptech

Infrastructure, Code Collaboration, QA, DevOps
Saas, Telemedicine, Private Practices, Clinics

Learning Management Systems, Online Course Providers, Virtual Classrooms and Meetings
NLP Platforms, CV, Multi-Modal LLMS, Analytics

Insurtech, PMS Systems, Claims Processing Platforms

Why Pipeline?

Validate and
Find your ICP.

Our analytics provide valuable insights on open rates, responses, and link clicks to help startups refine their messaging and truly understand their ideal customer profile.

Time-Saving for Founders.

We understand that early-stage founders have a lot on their plate, which is why we take care of setting up and managing their outbound sales stack, freeing up their time to focus on what they do best.

Affordable, real ROI.

We provide a cost-effective solution for outbound sales that is a fraction of the cost of traditional SDR services, allowing startups to see real ROI and focus on growing their business.

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Who does Pipeline work with at my company?

Pipeline works directly with the CEO or a co-founder of the company.

Why should my startup use Pipeline?

We make startups more efficient by automating the work of an SDR while charging a fraction of what an SDR would cost. We primarily work with young companies that have a few paying customers and still need to set up their entire sales infrastructure and team. If this is you, we'll help you scale from 0, cheaper and more effectively than anyone else.

Does Pipeline offer non-email outbound?

By the end of Summer 2023, Pipeline will offer a full outbound sales stack of Email, LinkedIn Automation, and Automated Cold Calling.

How does the Pipeline process work?

1. Startups give Pipeline information about their product and customers.
2. Pipeline sets up your outbound sales stack: CRM, email domains, and outreach software.
3. Pipeline finds leads, creates personalized sales emails with an outbound sales sequence.
4. When interested customers respond, we schedule meetings with them on your calendar.
5. We update your CRM daily and generate new leads and custom copy every week.